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Thrift Wood Forestry stocks a large range of high quality Christmas Trees.


NobelFirWe stock only premium shaped trees, ranging in height from 1ft to 30ft.

Our selection of trees are five main varieties - Nordman, Norway Spruce, Lodge Pole, Noble and Fraser Fir.

We have a selection of non-drop needle trees, although there will always be one or two left on the carpet on twelfth night.

We also have a small selection of potted as well as cut trees, so early purchase is recommended.

Don't forget to get your Christmas wreath, tree stand, decorations or mistletoe - we have a range of products available for you to purchase when you visit our Thrift Wood base. A good selection of decorations are already in stock.

Nordman Fir

This is the most established and reliable of the needle-retaining varieties, at it's best and most consistent when grown from Ombrolaui seed stock.

It has quite large, gentle, rich green foliage with a silvery underside. Much research has been done and it can be regulated for leader growth.  (The leader is the top verticle spike upon which your star or fairy would be attached.)

This, combined with a good, soft pruning regime gives a regular and full shape.

Reasonably scented, its foliage grows from the top of the branches and tends to have a bare trunk.

Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce The traditional Christmas Tree with light green, short foliage. This tree tends to be sheared to give a compact and dense shape.

It has a good scent and fairly gentle needles, but is not renowned for its needle-retaining properties.

Norway Frond
Lodge Pole
Lodge Pole Traditionally one of the most popular Christmas trees varieties.

The Lodge Pole Pine has a very distinctive candle like shape and has excellent needle retention.

Lodge Pine Frond
NobleFir Noble trees have dark green upright needles and strong layered branches.

They also have the best needle retention of any tree and a wonderful smell.
Noble Frond
Fraser Fir
Fraser Fir Christmas Tree Bearing a shorter and slightly lighter green foliage than the Nordman, this is a nice and compact tree.

One of its 'quirks' is a slightly crooked leader. This is not a fault and indeed adds to the overall character of the tree.

It looks especially good in smaller sizes as the needle length is in proportion to the height of the tree.

It has very good needle retaining capabilities and gives off an attractive, citrus scent.
Fraser Fir Frond
Your tree is best stored outside your home until you are ready to decorate your tree - somewhere cool and dry.

When you get your tree home it is best to cut off approximately 1 inch (2½cm) from the bottom of your tree and give your tree plenty of water to drink.

Some of our christmas tree stands that we have on sale have an integral water reservoir allowing your tree to continue to drink even when in your home.

When positioning your tree, avoid radiators and heating systems close to your tree as this will help prolong the life of your tree.

If you require trees over 15ft, please pre-order by calling 01908 503 502 or dropping into Thrift Wood to discuss your requirements.

Delivery can be arranged for larger trees or orders of multiple trees - again please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We will have a large selection of trees for you to inspect at Thrift Wood and choose your perfect tree.

You will be able to inspect the trees and once you have selected your tree, we will net-wrap it for easy transport and help you load your tree into your car or onto your roof rack/trailer.

Netted Christmas Tree

Local delivery can be organised on our normal delivery day, however there will be an cost associated with this service.


We have a range of accessories available for you to purchase to make your Christmas even better.

Christmas Tree Stands
We stock a range of Christmas Tree bases, to support your Christmas tree in your home.

We even have a selection with in-built reservoirs allowing your tree to drink while in your home.

Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

We have a large selection Christmas wreaths and garlands available for purchase in our shop in a variety of sizes and colours.

We use many of your Christmas favourites such as holly, ivy and fir to make these colourful and welcoming items for you home.

We hold a selection of wreaths and garlands for immediate selection in the shop or we can produce bespoke designs to your specification.

Christmas Decorations
Baubles, fairies, stars, crystal or glass - we have a selection of decorations for either use on your tree or around your home.

Why not come to our showroom and see how we have used them and how stunning they will make your home look over the festive period.

Don't forget your mistletoe - you know what to do with it.

We have sprigs to hangup anywhere you want it!

Christmas at Thrift Wood

With all our stock, we cannot guarantee that we will have enough supplies to satisfy everybody's requirements so we would strongly recommend that you purchase early.

Much of our non-organic stock is already viewable in our Shop at Thrift Wood with Christmas Trees, natural wreaths, natural garlands and mistletoe now instock.